April had some good times, but May has sort of left me feeling exhausted & burnt out. I started this post thinking I’d have this huge list of bad things that happened, and it turns out the good list managed to win out. Funny how lists change perceptions. So, maybe it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was, but based on the string of anxiety dreams I had, I was as stressed as I thought.

The Good

  • Had a great catch up session with Carrie and baby Adelina on Skype
  • A very fun & delicious Easter meal with Tim & Emily
  • Emily’s birthday dinner at Velvet Cantina with Hallie, Sanjay, & Alice. S’mores nachos for the dessert!
  • New Fleet Foxes record
  • This awesome toothpick contraption was shared with me: Scott Weavers Rolling Through the Bay
  • A friend shares a pen & ink version of a photo I took many years ago
  • This animation made me cry (good, because it was a great story)
  • Friday the 13th was the only work day I didn’t want to scream. Went to The View Lounge with Tori, Jeremy, and their friend who was in town and later joined up with Kali in the mission who happened to be 2 blocks away from me
  • After work dinner date with Kali at E’ Tutto Qua where the waiters were cute and made us feel special. Gorgeous place, too.
  • Really fun movie night at Ryan’s. In honor of our last night on Earth, we tried to watch an apocalyptic movie but ended up with Species.
  • Rode on a Vespa for the first time when a co-worker offered me a ride home after a late work night. Some dudes yelled, “Hey ladies!” at us. It was petrifying & awesome all at once.
  • It was a good last evening at the symphony. Great performance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 and the night ended early getting me home at a nice time.
  • Five-hour phone convo with Adam.
  • Went to HiDive for Kali’s going away party.

The Bad

  • Sick…working 14 hour days from home…sick.
  • A cyclist ran a redlight and T-boned me, also on a bike
  • Shattered my bike pedal…a week later managed to get my seat post stuck in my bike frame
  • I went to the museum where the toothpick contraption was on display only to find it was closed for the day.
  • Work has been insanely busy and it was review month, which just added to the stress.
  • Kali’s last day of work was yesterday.
  • Kali is moving to Portland.
  • Did I mention it sucks Kali is leaving? :(

The Neutral

  • I bought 10 lessons of horseback riding lessons. Hopefully, this ends up on the “good” list.
  • I went on a date and had a nice time but I don’t see it going anywhere and I have to tell the dude that (leaning toward “bad” list).

Keeping my fingers crossed for June.