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November 2005

Sweet Day

Surprise delivery from Newcastle.

Cool Enough for a Mac?

More debates about crossing over to a mac and more attempts to talk myself out of it. And in the midst, Von’s caught fire.


My great productivity was interrupted by a thirst for new music which lead me to emusic & and consequently stole the rest of my day.

Turkey in a Nutshell

Another exciting holiday with family and an unpleasant discovery about Snippy.

Artists, Big Houses, and Wise Old Men

The ‘sauce is following up on its promise to bring an artist in every month. We spent some time with Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio. I spent my afternoon taking photos of the Wish Home without actually giving away what it looks like and then had an old man reach out to me in Marsh.

Giggling on Google

GoogleTalk FTW, letting my Brit and I talk for free.

Poor Judgment Allowance

A feeling of spontaneity set me out on a 74-mile road trip at 8pm and resulted in a hilariously fun evening.

Idea Comer Upper Wither

Even after getting some kind kudos in regards to my dev skills, I’m still not very excited about having to help out. I liked Johnny’s suggestion better. And now, I must rant about Xmas trees up before Thanksgiving…

Dumbass Dollars

Ranting. About idiots. Because they’re idiots.

The Chill of Bright Eyes

I had to leave Florida a bit earlier than the rest of the crew, so I could be back in time to get to Bloomington for the Bright Eyes show. Despite the large venue, it was one of the most incredible and chilling shows I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Even my sister was sold and she’s not a fan.

Sarasota: The Exploration

I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing close to my Florida trip. I spent the day exploring local wildlife and stalking local’s with my zoom lens. It was a great, inspiring adventure.

Bonnie & CEO

A day chaperoning the company CEO turned out to be more fun than expected, from running across private golf courses to finding the end of roads, we managed to make some excellent adventures. I also got a private tour of the not-yet-open Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, The Concession.

Tampa: The Road Trip

Day 2 in Florida introduced me to sand that mirrored powdered sugar at Siesta Key and took us about on a memorable adventure up to Tampa for dinner.

Sarasota: Good Karma

Despite a rough start and some anxiety, my first day in Sarasota started off in the fast lane: big houses, fast cars, and important people. Oh, and I took some pretty photos.

Short & Sweet

Rocking it solo. Played handyman around the house and made myself go shopping. Lots of last minute prep before my departure for Florida tomorrow.

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