April 2004

The Fun has Arrived

Photos and news of all the new Canada goose families in my pond.

The Championship

Looking forward to the bowling tournament showdown tomorrow. Procrastinated other work with a new design!

35 Most Memorable Purdue Moments

The title says it all. 35 things I’d like to remember from my college days.

Geese + Goslings = Good Times

I spent a good part of my day trailing the new Canada goose family around the pond. Animal families are so exciting!

Me, Myself, and College

Today was a big day. I started the morning with the senior presentation I had been prepping for all semester. It went off without a hitch. Tonight, the fact that my days as a student are coming closer to an end really sank in. I’m sad, happy, and excited.

Proof that 411 Really Does Make a Person (more) Insane

I’m certainly not the least bit worried about our senior project. My lack of anxiety is clearly demonstrated by this peaceful and uneventful dream with direct project correlations.

Speak to the Night

Sometimes I forget that I’m out in the real world and I act like I’m alone in the safety of my empty apartment.


Patsy’s got me thinking all crazy and in denial of denial.

Bird Puns of the Day

Talking to myself about “my” birds and unintentionally being funny.

WTF is a coot!?!

My bird watching has uncovered a new bird visitor to my pond. So. Excited!

Forgotten Treasures

It seems you don’t need a box under your bed to collect some treasures.