Purdue Varsity Glee Club

Many times I sigh when Purdue comes knocking on my door for money. However, when they offered up a concert with the Purdue Glee Club at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel, I couldn’t pass it up. I invited my friend Hannah to come along, who shares my appreciation of a cappella. It was amazing. And there was a chocolate fondue fountain as if the night needed to be anymore awesome.


  • Adorably awkward choreography with cheeky dancing and alternating head turns
  • Montgomery Gentry’s “Sold”
  • Mississippi Squirrel Revival. Watch it. You won’t regret it. (different soloist than our night, I laughed so hard). What you can’t see is the faux fist fights.
  • The Wizard of Oz in 5:17 minutes with an amazing lion. Watch it from 2 years ago (think how much better the lion has gotten at perfecting the growl voice in 2 years)
  • The Flashbacks (a quartet who did a bunch of 50s songs and gave themselves awesome taglines like, “Hi I’m Mike. I studied abroad…or two.”)
  • Indiana State Poem arranged by a Glee Club alumni. Beautiful harmonies.

Fun night. Can’t wait to see more of them when I’m back in Indiana! PMO Christmas Show!


Six Flags Birthday

I kept forgetting my birthday was even happening this year. I think after 30 years and no expectations of toys or decorated cake, the anticipation sort of melts away. My birthday fell on a holiday this year, though, so I had to take full advantage of the free day off work. I enlisted Ryan for a day at Six Flags. I was keeping it simple. No more birthday parties or worrying about my guests having a good time. Stress free all the way.

When I awoke on my birthday, I was thinking about what time I needed to pick up Ryan. It wasn’t until I picked up my phone and saw a birthday text from Amy that I remembered it was my birthday. It’s kind of nice.

Well, Ryan & I set off for Six Flags in Vallejo. It was vacant. We pulled in before it opened, grabbed VIP-level parking and leisurely worked our way in. The goal for the day was to ride rollercoasters. In the first 30 minutes, we’d been on three coasters: Medusa (front row), Superman, and Roar. They rattled our bones and we screamed like little girls but it was exhilarating. We’d both had tough times in work and life and screaming was the best therapy.

We rocked about 6 coasters, enjoying no lines at all. We walked around the whole park, visited the animals, and stopped at every ride along the way. We rode the adult-version of the teacups completely alone. Ryan hit me so hard in bumper cars that my neck swung back and made a huge cracking sound. Despite my efforts, I completely smashed Ryan on the Scrambler. We bonded with perfect strangers in lines. We savored the views from the swings. I devoured barbeque-drenched waffle fries and Ryan treated me to my first taste of cookies n’ creme dippin dots. After almost 6 hours, we both needed to sit. We looked at each other and accepted defeat. So many parts of us hurt. It was time to go home.

We were exhausted and in serious physical pain the following day but we had persevered to have a glorious day. It was 65-degrees and sunny and all-around perfect. I don’t know why I never thought to spend my birthday doing something that allowed to let off so much steam. Amazing.

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